Let yourself in!!

22 01 2013

   Always fascinates me the way people seems to interfere in others lives as if they trying to convert you to put you in the righteous path of their so called right way to live because from what i have experienced being different is like a disability it’s like you have an odd chemical reaction that can never lead to the right formula.

Somehow saying no when you supposed to say yes is very very strange to some people that can make them reach for your help to find out what’s wrong with your mind.and the thing is our parents and everyone we practically know urge us to be different to have a mind of our own to think for ourselves to build our own future , no plan no map just a free well and open mind and yet we get judged for being different?! i’m not saying that we should espousal some weird ideas or joining a cult  i’m talking about the normal differences like preferring the dark colors over Pink or Kingdom Of Heaven over The Note Book.

Here’s the thing, There isn’t actually a rule book to tell us how to feel , What to feel , What to love or how we choose to love it , and definitely Not a conflict of civilizations the problem is (if it’s even a problem) acceptance , because i believe everyone out there wants to be accepted as he is not as he told. the thing with me that pisses everyone’s off is that i know i’m not what i’m always told i should be and i’m not looking for acceptance and definitely not an understanding i’m the type of person who enjoys being different seeking the unusual methods of how to be like no other even if it means making a stupid mistakes even after then i’ll wear them proudly because they’re my mistakes not someone else’s my bad choices and trust me it’s not that easy either.

the point is i don’t compromise when it comes to who i am ,i don’t see fifty shades of gray ,i don’t need to be saved or deliverance and there’s a big chance here that i have no possible idea of what i want but here’s what i don’t want , i don’t want to live my life through someone’s eye!! i rather being myself and loosing everyone than loosing myself.




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