Today’s Resolutions!

16 01 2013



  Since the year’s already started and every one seems to have their priority straightened! Me on the other hand don’t have any! not really!! … 

For a while now all the Resolutions i once made was to be Happy first and second and Third but then 2013 Came and the Mayan were wrong obviously (No offence) and i lived to say another day so i thought maybe this is the time to finally think of some decent positive thoughts to start the year with! So, here i am siting in front of my computer staring at the screen while my fingers floating on the keyboard like a slight wind on winter day!

01. I Decided to be healthy Way too late i know which is stupid to take long to realize that i have been raised and grew up in unhealthy environment and spent too much of my life fighting the voice or reason which is another meaningless excuse leading me to the next resolution.

02. No more teen drama i’m a big girl now and no one likes immature sassy girls not even me.

03. Live, laugh, and exercise (Not exactly what i was welling to write but i’m on a special Diet. Sorry about that 🙂 )

04. Drop the pies weight i think i can do Supernatural Wednesdays without eating pies (I swear i can hear Dean yelling Sonofbitch right now :p) , the first goal is to reach 60 kg which is only about 5 weeks away (fingers crossed)!

05. Spend more time outdoors than indoors (I need a tan anyway 😉 🙂 )

06. Read more ,whatever comes my way.

07. Stop making excuses to keep my life on a pause ,life isn’t going to wait for me (i was being deep sue me!).

But seriously i was spending all my time in my head (The wanted aren’t wrong about that song) afraid that i might not like what i ‘ll find but people can change i know i have! and looking back to where i have been and all what the time i spent to change it , makes it so hard to go back just because i’m having a nostalgia!! And now instead of spending all the time in Shorouk’s world how about Sophie’s world by Jostein Gaarder. Sounds like a plan right!




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