16 01 2013

Mad Perfumista

I adore the tactile experience of holding a book.  I like gazing at the cover design, feeling the weight of it in my hands, and most of all, the smell of them, both new paperbacks and old leather-bound.  It appears that I’m not alone in this odd fetish as there have been a few perfumes created especially to smell like books, such as Geza Schoen’s Paper Passion and CB I Hate Perfume’s In the Library.   Most bibliophiles like me have fond memories of the comforting smell of ink and paper.  I even like looking at the way books are arranged in libraries, both personal and public, like these photos on my Pinterest board.

As much as like all of these things about printed books, I’m not so fond of the backbreaking work of carrying them around with me all day long.  I like reading on the subway or any…

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