16 01 2013


I have written another dark poem, since I seem to be unable to write about more pleasant topics, such as daffodils, love or other such more readable matter. However, I can’t think of a name for this poem, and I would (if you please!) like it if anyone could think of a suitable title. Please comment with possible titles. Thanks! Gertie xxx

Down the cold winding paths
that lead to his death,
to the cruel sharp knife
that will cease his breath.

He looks for his lover,
but no girl can he see.
Only lurking figures
looming behind trees.

‘Let’s meet by the cherry tree’
she’d said with a smile.
The flash of teeth
that made him blush for a while.

With each hesitant step
he remembers her face,
flawless, perfect, beautiful.
He thinks of the embrace.

How easily he’d walked
into her beckoning arms,
blinded by her beauty-
he saw no harm.

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