All Over Again…

15 01 2013

  One more Blog won’t hurt,right?!

I used to have almost 3 maybe 4 blogs call me stupid but i’m completely incapable of remembering my password or even my email so i had to create another one and it became a habit of forgetting all about my social life. and i’d go over and over searching for a blog that actually fit my future career (feeling a little optimistic! feel free to criticize me.) .but that just it i never actually cared that i might not be that good of a writer or i’m not familiar with the rules and the basics of being a writer i was just looking for a shortcut to Happiness!!

been there, done that but then i suddenly quit , Stopped just like that and i couldn’t knew why?! . but i always thought it would be hard to find something new to talk about and don’t sound Superficial.

And it hasn’t gone a day i spent and not missing the great feeling of it it’s like spending two or three hours working out on your favorite song (not quite sure if you’ll understand the reference) … I’m sure now that neither the title nor the topic is what you can call Relative but hic et nunc what matters is what i feel! and i feel great so, here i am.all over again!.




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